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Jake Terratola

Jake Terra discovered his music production talents and started on an unexpected career path at FUA.


Where is Jake now?
Making music and entertaining the masses



The energy shook the stage. A hundred thousand people roamed the festival, searching for inspiration. Stage 2 hosted a surprise for the Chicago-based audience. A DJ from Des Moines, Iowa, was preparing to try his hand at awakening the crowd.   

Stepping onto the stage, Jake Trerotola could not believe how his life had changed in only a few months. During fall 2014, Jake Trerotola, also known as Jake Terra, attended FUA. By June 2015, he was performing during one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the United States: the Spring Awakening Music Festival.


“It was my first show ever and I was playing at one of the best shows in the country,” Terra reminisced. “The moment you walk on stage, I thought, okay, what happened with my life? This is pretty crazy.” Terra attended FUA as an international studies major. He never intended on taking music classes, but could not resist his passion after seeing the all of the courses available. Classically trained in piano and guitar, Terra wanted to attempt the music production class with Samuele Bucelli. This class catapulted his transition from piano playing into electronic music.

After only less than a year of producing music, Terra caught his big break this June after winning the Spring Awakening Music Festival DJ Contest. The fans voted Terra into the top 15 finalists out of more than 500 other DJs and producers. Then, the qualified judges selected him based on mixing ability, production and overall performance.

“Without [FUA], I wouldn't be where I am at or won that national contest,” Terra confessed, “so I am completely grateful for FUA, the courses and especially the professor.” The first song created after Terra’s FUA experience won him the contest. The inspiration for “Destiny” was sparked by his study abroad experience, which entirely changed his life’s direction.

“I just felt like everybody has a certain unique purpose and if you don't go for it, if you don't go for what you are destined to do, then what is the purpose of life?” Terra asked. Terra will continue pursuing his EDM career. With more great opportunities finding him each week, Terra has a promising future in a career path he never anticipated.


Check out Jake's newest tracks at SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram!


Article By Sarah Waller

Photo courtesy of Jake Trerotola

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