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Linda Hoang


While at FUA Linda Hoang took courses such as Communicating in Italian and Landscape Photography. As a Summer 2013 RA scholarship recipient she worked with students from the FUA high school program. Linda currently seeks to return to Italy to work in the Hospitality Industry.



Ciao a tutti! My name is Linda, I am an FUA alum and also was a Residential Assistant Scholarship recipient for FUA's high school summer program.

While abroad I took the Marketing Mix course to fulfill my major of International Tourism Planning & Development and also took many general education courses such as Italian Literature, Communicating in Italian, Landscape & Architectural Photography, and Introduction to Acting. It was a great decision to save my general education courses until I studied abroad because Florence, Italy is undoubtedly one of the best places to learn about the arts and humanities. These engaging teachers are better than some I have had at my home university.

A few months into the semester, the thought of extending my stay in Florence longer crossed my mind. Luckily, I received an e-mail about the Resident Assistant Scholarship Position and quickly applied. Some highlights from my experience as a Summer 2013 RA Scholarship recipient would definitely have been our time traveling in Tuscany with the high school and college students. Fellow recipient, Julie and I bonded with American and international students coming from Turkey, Mexico, and Colombia. We saw parts of Italy I never thought I would see, such as the Tarot Card Covent Gardens.

Overall, this experience has been unforgettable and the leadership skills I gained from it have helped me a lot with my job search. If you have an opportunity to intern or work abroad, do it! You won't regret it. It is one of the most impressive parts on my resume currently and has helped me become a Global Ambassador. With this, I have made videos and presentations talking about my internship abroad.

This experience made me realize how much I love living, studying, and working in Firenze and I would do anything to come back again, so I am looking for a post-graduation career back in the beautiful Italian city. Being an RA helped me get to know the FUA staff, who in turn told me about the FUA Alumni Association. As a member of the FUA Alumni Association website I had access to openings in the hospitality industry and currently have scheduled an interview with a Tuscan Resort!

Hoang Linda

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