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Alexandra Zofcin and the House of AmZ


FAST Alumni Interview: Alexandra Zofcin

Fashion graduate Alexandra Zofcin, founder of The House of AmZ, recounts her experiences studying at FUA and how her experience abroad

allowed her to find new avenues for achieving her fashion dreams!


When did you decide to jump into the world of fashion?
Ever since the 4th grade, I have always known I wanted to be a fashion designer. Fashion has always been in my blood I think.


What university did you come through, when did you graduate?
I came through Lynn University, and I just recently graduated in December 2016.


When and what did you study during your time abroad in Florence?
I attended FUA twice. First in Fall 2015 and then again for Summer 2016.


What was your ultimate goal when enrolling in the FUA program?
My ultimate goal enrolling in FUA was to learn traditional design and patternmaking techniques from Italy. It was always my dream to study design in Europe.


What is one of your favorite memories or professors from any of the classes you studied in?
When I arrived at FUA, all of the design courses I wanted to take were not being offered in that session. So luckily for me, I was able to enroll in an independent study course for patternmaking, and I learned to hone my flat patternmaking skills. This was one of the most amazing experiences. I never could have dreamed how amazing it would be to show my work in the “Tell Me a Story” event, as I was the only FUA student featured during that semester.


What are you working on now?
Currently, I am working on building up my brand – The House of AmZ. The new website launched on February 8th, and we are officially able to sell through e-commerce on the website. International shipping is soon to come! I am working on the next collection which will be an antithesis of the collection I originally created at FLY while in Italy the first time. The new collection will debut in a fashion show and pop up shop in May. Keep an eye out for more news soon!


How did FUA prepare you for what you are doing now?
Without the help of my invaluable professors, and the incredible mentorship from Gaia, I would not be able to view design and fashion through the lens in which I see it now. I would not have the confidence I have in my own work (even though it could still use some improvement) either.


What are the most valuable skills you acquired through the FUA program?
Honestly, I do not think I could actually list out all of the invaluable skills and life lessons I learned from my two semesters at FUA. To name a few though – I would say that thinking outside of the box is definitely one of them. I learned how to approach design from different perspectives. Another invaluable skill I acquired from my close work with Gaia was how to push myself out of my comfort zone. Being in a foreign country in general helps one to learn how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations and adapt quickly. My work with my professors taught me how to apply that to my designs and develop my creative process.


What advice do you have for future FUA students?
I read once that sometimes it is good to take “no” for an answer. At first I didn’t quite understand what that meant, but I have come to learn that sometimes it is good to hear the word “no.” It helps you gain perspective and be able to approach the situation from another angle. When I first arrived in Florence, I heard a lot of “no,” but I never let it deter me from my end goal. Sometimes, “no” just means you have to find a new avenue to reach your “yes.”


To check out the latest collections from The House of AmZ and stay up to date, check out the website, thehouseofamz.com, or follow on Facebook and Instagram: @thehouseofamz 


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Photograph of Alexandra's debut collection, "It is but it isn't" courtesy of The House of Amz



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