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Vanessa Weego


Alumni Interview with Vanessa Weego


Vanessa Weego was student at FUA in the Spring of 2015. Originally from Hampton, New Hampshire she came to spend a semester in Florence, taking italian lanaguage and photography courses. Vanessa was interviewed by our Alumni Coordinator after she was hire by "Tuscan Brands" company that owns an Italian restaurant chain called  "Tuscan Kitchen".


Vanessa, tell us about you and what you’re up to now professionally.

I’m from Hampton, New Hampshire in the US. I studied graphic design and upon graduating, and landed a job with Whole Foods as a Graphic Designer.  I then got a job related to Italy, which I enjoy immensely. I work for a company called Tuscan Brands that owns restaurants named Tuscan Kitchen. Tuscan Brands also has a Tuscan Market where you can shop and find authentic Italian products. I’m thrilled that my FUA experience has all tied directly into my career. It couldn’t have been more perfect for me to attend FUA upon establishing my long-term career.


How did your experience at FUA help with your career growth?

Working in the Italian-related field requires one direct experiences in the country. Having done just that through FUA along with the my design skills earned in college were the main factors for getting hired. The Italian experience was important for the company, which I was able to fully understand after being in Italy for four months.


What are your favorite FUA memories?

I could talk forever about them. I loved living in Florence, my apartment was right down the road from the Duomo. Observing the city and being stunned that I was in Florence everyday. During my spring break I really got to experience other parts of Italy. I took the train to both the north and south, and got to see different sides of Italian culture. My advanced photography class with Prof. Ballerini was definitely my favorite class, he was very real and had a great sense of humor. He taught me to be abstract and pushed me in a positive way.


What are your plans for the future?

I want to continue to work in the design field and become a more versatile designer in different mediums. I want to become well-versed in web design, print design, and more. I am forever growing.


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Photograph courtesy of Vanessa Weego


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